Getting Started with Nodejitsu

Wed 16th May
Track 3


What is node.js and when should you care about it? Why is it different from the systems you are used to and how does it perform so well on a single CPU core while handling thousand of concurrent network connections? Let’s talk thru these points with code. Asynchronous programming is a new concept to most developers adopting Node.js so let’s look at how callbacks work, conventions used in node.js, event emitters, how to do asynchronous iteration, what is npm, testing your node applications, organizing your node.js code, and error handling.
Then let’s talk about flatiron.js, an adaptable framework for building Node.js applications that is maintained by Nodejitsu. Flatiron is capable of creating both network and command line applications, so we will explore that capability to develop and deploy a flatiron application that we can interact with from the command line in realtime.



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