Sergi Mansilla

Sergi Mansilla



Sergi started working on rich web applications in the nineties and never stopped. Before working at Cloud9 IDE, he was leading the team that built the JavaScript framework that powers the UI of the new TomTom devices, and evangelized JavaScript inside the company. He believes that programming is a craft and takes pride in the code he writes, since it is the way he channels his creativity. As the director of development at Cloud9 IDE, he spends his days coding JavaScript and thinking of ways to make Cloud9 IDE closer to the best IDE that has ever existed, and thus improving the lives of developers around the world. Sergi is obsessed with programming languages and loves to work with talented and motivated people, and that's why he feels at home at Cloud9.


Conquering a large JavaScript codebase

JavaScript was originally conceived to write little scripts that could add some interactivity to a web page. Today, it is used for increasingly large applications — in the browser, but also on the server, e.g. using node.js. Cloud9 IDE is an Integrated Development Environment developed exclusively in JavaScript, both on the client and server-side, counting [...]

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