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Patrick works as Web Evangelist in the Developer Relations team at Opera Software ASA. He is also the product manager for Opera Dragonfly, Opera's built-in debugging and development tool. In a previous life he worked as Web Editor for a British university, where in 2003 he single-handedly implemented one of the first web standards based sites in the sector. Patrick has been engaged in the discourse on standards and accessibility since early 2001 - regularly speaking at conferences and contributing to a variety of web development and accessibility related mailing lists and initiatives such as the Web Standards Project. An outspoken accessibility and standards advocate, Patrick favours a pragmatic hands-on approach over purely theoretical, high-level discussions. "I'm an idealist by nature, but a pragmatist by trade. I'd never class myself as an expert and I certainly don't have all the answers...I'm just an opinionated guy eager to find real world solutions 'where the rubber meets the road'." His personal corner of the web can be found at


HTML5 multimedia – browser-native video, audio and canvas

Although a great number of changes and additions in HTML5 are “under the hood”, certainly one of the most visible new capabilities is the integration of browser-native multimedia, allowing for the use of video and audio in your pages without the need for any messy plug-in-based solution. Add some of the 2D drawing capabilities of [...]

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