Nuria Ruiz

Nuria Ruiz



I have been working on the web for over ten years. Most of my web experience comes from the seven years I worked at I learned a lot there since before taking that job I made my living doing research in Oceanography. I have experience with web development, operations, web services, localization and international launches of major products. I have worked in some of the bigest websites of the world but also devoted time to create web site frameworks that go big and small. On 2010 I joined, a social network in Spain with over thirteen million registered users. For most of my time at tuenti I have worked in PHP. In tuenti I have discovered mobile which I like a lot. Not long ago I have changed my focus from mobile to Javascript to deal with the client-side performance issues we were having.


Client-Side Rendering is Not so Easy

Our early attempts at doing client side rendering in brought us many performance problems, not only for the usual offenders (IE6 and IE7) but also for fast browsers like Chrome. We tried to solve most of those using a technology to render client side that ended up being faster on IE7 than Chrome, but [...]

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