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Mihai Corlan



Mihai Corlan is a worldwide web developer evangelist at Adobe focusing on web technologies. He travels around the world speaking at conferences and meeting developers and customers. Prior to joining Adobe, Mihai was a senior web developer with InterAKT Online (acquired by Adobe in 2006), where he worked on web products such as e-shops, newsletters, and surveys or on RAD tools for web developers. He built web applications and frameworks, desktop software, and rich internet applications using technologies like: PHP, ColdFusion, Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, ActionScript/Flex and relational databases. He believes that in the future more people will interact with software and consume Internet using smartphones and tablets. And thus excellent and revolutionary UI for these systems and workflows that enable efficient development for multiple platforms are mandatory in the 21st century.


CSS to Extreme: Regions, Exclusions, and Shaders

CSS3 brought a huge number of features that enable visually stunning web sites and applications. However the revolution is not finished yet. There are new kids on the block waiting impatiently to take over the stage. In this session you will learn about some of the latest CSS3 features (and the story behind them) that [...]

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