Michal Budzynski

Michal Budzynski



Michal is an Open Web Alchemist from Warsaw, Poland, responsible for many ridiculous experiments like 'CSS Nyan Cat' (https://developer.mozilla.org/pl/demos/detail/css-nyan-cat) or 'All your gradient are belong to us' (https://demoparty.mozillalabs.com/gallery/43/al-your-gradient-are-belong-to-us). Michal officiates as an HTML5 GameDev trainer in W3C and ran technical workshops and tech-talks in many countries on different continents. He recently organized onGameStart, the first HTML5 games conference and safely says that making web a better place is not just his job - it's his lifestyle.


Go to hell Flash! We have Open Web!

When back in 1996 Macromedia introduced Flash, no one suspected that this plugin will revolutionize the world of the Internet and move an open, Web-based technologies into the background. Today, after more than 15 years, situation slowly reverses – finally creating interactive websites, games or advertisements is possible without using any browser plugins. But is [...]

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