Marc Grabanski

Marc Grabanski



Marc Grabanski is Talent Evangelist for MJG International where he looks for the most talented developers and educators in the world. His roots are in open source where he was creator of the popular jQuery UI Datepicker component. Lately his focus has been on running web development events such as ""Day of JavaScript on Mobile"" held at Google HQ ( and ""Frontend Masters Workshop Series"" at MJG's workshop center in Minnesota ( You can read more about his company, MJG international, at


Four Reasons to Use jQuery Mobile on Any Website

Most mobile web development frameworks are targeting the built-in web browsers on iPhone and Android only; however, jQuery mobile has in a different vision, one that will reach the largest distribution of devices (both desktop and mobile) as possible. Leveraging the ways of progressive enhancement, your website can be viewed in raw HTML on old [...]

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