Jonas Persson

Jonas Persson


Chief Operating Officer (COO), DPE International, Developer and Platform Group, Microsoft Corp.

A globetrotting doctor in chemistry and builder of extreme computers - who is passionate about the role of technology in societies around the world and the opportunities that software can bring to people’s life. In 2009 Jonas Persson was appointed Chief Operating Officer, for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Group (D&PE) International, Microsoft Corporation. Jonas had previously been the Senior Director of D&PE in Western Europe (WE) and has been a member of Microsoft’s Western European Leadership team. Before joining Microsoft in 1993, Jonas worked in the financial and venture cap industry and also as a researcher in mathematics and chemistry at University of Uppsala. Jonas has held various positions within Microsoft such as General Manager of Microsoft Mobility in Europe/Middle East & Africa (EMEA), head of telecom in the Nordics and Chief Technology Officer for Western Europe. The D&PE mission is strategic to Microsoft’s role as a platform software company. D&PE evangelises the Microsoft platform (client, server, services and tools) to software developers, IT professionals and designers. D&PE activities range from evangelizing cool and hip technologies to hobbyists and students all the way to mission critical software architecture engagements with the world’s top Enterprises and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). D&PE is also responsible for Microsoft’s +$1 billion Developer Tools business. Jonas is enthusiastic about the opportunities for individuals and organizations that building software on the Microsoft platform means. Many of D&PE’s activities are designed to stimulate local software economies in both emerging and developed countries. Jonas is found frequently advising Ministers, Academics and commercial industry leaders on matters related to the growth of their local economies and businesses.


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