Jakob Mattsson

Jakob Mattsson



Jakob is head of engineering at Burt, the Swedish software startup helping publishers and advertisers become more clever and creative with data. It is challenging and complex things that get most of his attention. Professionally this has included leading a technology consultancy firm and starting a few companies in software development and recruitment. But he is a developer at heart, regardless the occupation. Although he is currently focusing on web development and the finer details of JavaScript the journey actually started off with C++ and game development. Lately he has also been sharing his thoughts on advances in programming languages, working in startups and getting things done in software development at a number of universities and conferences, including ScanDev, Nordic Ruby and JSConf. Jakob occasionally blogs at jakobmattsson.se and tweets at @jakobmattsson.


Writing RESTful web services using Node.js

Tools like Express and NoSQL-databases have made it easy to write web applications using Node.js. But what if we don’t need to serve HTML? What if we don’t need to do templating, CSS and pretty animations? What if we only want to provide an HTTP-interface to our data? This talk will be about tips and [...]

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