New speaker confirmations and Windows 8 Metro Style Apps!

We are pleased to announce a few more speakers for the jsDay conference, congratulations to:

Matteo Ferretti – Hack the web

Lorenzo Barbieri – Lap Around Windows 8 Development

Pietro Brambati – Building Metro style apps with HTML & Javascript

Pietro Brambati, Lorenzo Barbieri – Introducing Windows 8: using JavaScript to build Metro Style Apps

Daniel Hunt – “Well, Isn’t That Spatial” – Building compelling interfaces and information spaces with HTML5/CSS3 on mobile devices

Greg Schechter – Mobile Meow: Bringing YouTube Videos to a Mobile World

James Williams – Creating Games with WebGL and Three.js

Marco Minetti – What’s up? A new framework for unconventional Javascript

Luca Sale – JavaScript and mobile: Debug your web apps like a champ!

Szymon Pilkowski – Canvas: we must go deeper. Usage of buffers in html5 game development.

Francesco Fullone – Your browser, my storage

Remember that the early bird tickets sale ends in a few days, April 1st, hurry up!



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