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jsDay 2012 SOLD OUT!

Wow, jsDay tickets are SOLD OUT!  There are still 36 tickets left for the phpDay conference, so hurry up and spread the word! It’s going to be amazing!

Douglas Crockford – May 17th Keynote!

Boom! We’re really, really excited to announce our new jsDay speaker Douglas Crockford, who is going to be on stage for the keynote speech on May 17. Crockford is best known for his ongoing involvement in the JavaScript language development, for having popularized the JSON data format, and for the development of several JavaScript related [...]

Still alive and kicking!

As you can see we are online with a brand new website and we’re working hard to organize the jsDay 2012 edition. The first edition has been incredibly successful, with over 300 visitors coming from all around Europe and sponsorship from big corporations and organizations, like Microsoft, Mozilla, Yahoo!, Opera and Sencha. The speaker list [...]


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