Marco Minetti

Marco Minetti



Marco is an innovation and research entrepreneur, IT solution designer, sysadmin and crazy programmer. In 2011 he founded Novetica. He previously had significant experience as organizational consultant and project manager dealing with IT workforces in Banking/Financial Services industries. He got a MSc in General Management (major: R&D Management, IS Governance and Project Management) while spending his whole leisure time being inspired by IT and software development. He still uses programming skills as the key tool for the business man and promote technology as the core of organizational and behavioral innovation. As programmer, Linux and open-source addicted, Marco loves playing basically with C++, C#, Python, Bashscript, VisualBasic. Currently, at Novetica, develops heavily in Javascript and "cooks" advanced Linux systems. He dreams about programming microcontrollers and challenging electronics.


What’s up? A new framework for unconventional Javascript.

Loving the unthinkable, exploring new patterns, proposing unconventional coding. How would your customers develop their own applications? Awfully, sure. But… their mindset can inspire something new: breaking rules? We introduce early concepts of Experience Oriented Programming (EOP): programming of the new experience and the new experience of programming. We unveil our new framework and its [...]

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