#7 Interview with Marco Cedaro

This is the seventh ‘social’ interview in a series with the jsDay 2012 speakers: it’s ‘social’ because the questions have been submitted and voted online on Facebook.

 We are happy to introduce you Marco Cedaro, a “lazy developer” with two kids, meteoropathy and an insane passion for lo-fi music and frontend developer since 1998

He will give a session at jsDay called “It’s not you, it’s me” Thusday May 17th at 14:30 pm on track 2.

The interview:

It took me a while starting to answer to social questions: I’m awfully late, so I’ll try to reply without overthinking the answers.. get them as a stream of consciousness

Things that you consider before choosing a framework for a project?
I will partially deal with this topic during my talk, do you really want me to spoiler it?
if you keep in consideration to choose of a framework for a new project, instead of being stuck in your previous choices, you’ve already done a step in the right direction. Why and how is the talk ;)

What do you think about Coffeescript?
I don’t like metalanguages.
I do understand why it could be helpful in a team without a deep javascript knowledge, but still can’t get why you should use it if you know it: javascript is fun, why bother?

What do you like and what not about javascript?
I simply love functional programming, how versatile javascript is and the fact that it’s easy to start from scratch, but you can also do complex stuff manner you prefer.

What should i learn next?
I can tell you what I want to learn next: strict mode, mobile debugging and responsive design.

Sheldon or Leonard? 
I would rather say Penny, but I’ll pick Sheldon (do someone really choose Leonard??)

Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet?
I hate 80s and I grew up surrounded by the question Nofx or Rancid and still don’t have the answer (right now Rancid, for what it worth) so I think I don’t have any clue how to answer that.

Who’s your programming hero?
I don’t think I have one, but I love Nicholas Zakas point of view on development.
I think if I have to pick one it will surely be him

Who killed JFK?
Too much tv

What’s the average beer per hour factor during conferences and a normal hangout? 
conferences are not about drinking, are about learning…
who am I kidding? it’s just that I drink a lot in normal hangouts too

Did your love for programming cause you some troubles with your partner?
Not programming, but conferences, both speaking and organizing a little bit, yes

Suggest a book to read.
Tech related everything Zakas wrote, otherwise everything Craig Thompson drew (warning: graphic novels ahead)

You can find Marco on twitter (@cedmax) and on his website.


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